About us

The least we can say is that Marie-Christine has an entrepreneur soul. After having lived, always with commitment and customer satisfaction as a guideline, a thousand and one working lives, it was quite natural she dove herself into real estate, 17 years ago.

First of all, Marie-Christine trains herself for five years as a commercial agent within a a large real estate group. Finally, she decided to create her own agency. A real estate agency who fits with her personality : independent, family-like with a sense of total commitment, a care and particular exigency in the selection and presentation of the offered properties, and a tailor-made service for each of its customers.

Marie-Christine et Sébastien

Deletang Immobilier was founded on April 1, 2008. This family business in which she collaborates with her brother Philippe, her sister-in-law Valérie and her niece Marjorie, specialized itself on the charming and prestigious residences’s market, always aiming originality. It’s about high fashion real estate.

In 2015, Marie-Christine bought the company’s shares and become the sole master on board, but it doesn’t prevent the rest of the family from remaining at the center of everything, and the benevolent advices are never far away.

Sébastien is a dynamic and deeply committed man. A feature he shares with Marie-Christine. This keen man of history began his career in automotive industry within the BPM Group in Tours as a purchases manager. He rose through the ranks of this great company and ten years later, he got offered the Spare Parts Coordinator’s title. At this point, Sébastion supervised 60 concessions and managed a 120 people team.

With Marie-Christine’s freshness, professionalism and sense of customer service combined with Sébastien’s commitment and ethic, your life’s projects will be in good hands.